Connections: Linking Talented Educators
Connections: Linking Talented Educators

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"Lowell Milken's message to the entire audience(students, educators, reporters, dignitaries, staff) at the surprise notification [for Kristina Carssow (TX '11)] was so on target, so intense and well delivered to keep every teenager so engaged pondering the powerful thoughts spoken. Indeed, it was a well kept secret and total surprise. As a retired math/chemistry teacher of 35+ years in the classroom now serving on the PISD Board of Trustees, I realize that the very most important component is a qualified, competent, passionate, engaging teacher who hooks each child with the love of learning and the value of knowledge. Kristina Carssow is a risk taker, an innovator, a playmaker, an awesome mentor and collaborator and truly that bright beam of light illuminating those around here and focusing on the journey. She continues to leave big footprints and her influence and enthusiasm will indeed be contagious for decades to come."

Vernagene Mott