Connections: Linking Talented Educators
Connections: Linking Talented Educators


  • "When a teacher is up there [in the classroom] and excited about learning, I think it helps the students get excited about learning...." (read more)
    Hillary Hoyt (ME '21)
    Teacher, Leroy H Smith School
  • "I love connecting with children. I love meeting them at their level. I love knowing I impact a life or two each year. It's just a..." (read more)
    Jamie Karaffa (ME '21)
    Teacher, Bruce M. Whittier Middle School
  • "I took a high school class called Child Development, where children came in and we got to teach and work with them. From there, I..." (read more)
    Melissa Salkeld (MD '21)
    Teacher, Prettyboy Elementary
  • "I grew up going to public school, and I didn't see myself represented in the staff. It was something I always thought about: What if..." (read more)
    Taylor Thai (MA '21)
    Teacher, Donovan Elementary
  • "I teach because I love it. I show up every day because I get excited to see my students, excited to work with them, and excited just..." (read more)
    Jay Weisman (LA '21)
    Teacher, Benjamin Franklin High School
  • "Everything I have in me, I try to pour back into the people that I serve—my students, my staff, this district, all the people who..." (read more)
    Marco French (LA '21)
    Principal, Queensborough Leadership Academy
  • "It feels wonderful to be acknowledged because it just puts into all of that hard work that you have done. It solidifies in my head..." (read more)
    Laura Laiche (LA '21)
    Mentor Teacher, Bains Elementary
  • "We take a lot of pride, preparation and studying to make sure our students can form opinions on their own and can address..." (read more)
    Kevin Dailey (KY '21)
    Teacher, Ballyshannon Middle School
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