Connections: Linking Talented Educators
Connections: Linking Talented Educators


  • "I chose education because I experienced a lot of meaningful connections to my own teachers. I saw individuals who were living their..." (read more)
    Aaron Kruger (WY '21)
    Teacher, Cheyenne Central High School
  • "I teach because I love working with kids. I love making a difference in their lives....I teach to watch their progress."—..." (read more)
    Heather Haught (WV '21)
    Teacher, McNinch Primary School
  • "I've wanted to be a teacher since second grade. My dad tells stories about me teaching my stuffed animals in front of my chalkboard...." (read more)
    Taylor Goodson (VA '21)
    Assessment and Compliance Coordinator, Coventry Elementary
  • "AVID, Advancement Via Individual Determination, is meeting students where they are and filling a backpack for them of opportunities..." (read more)
    Kimberly Collins (VA '21)
    Teacher, Virginia Beach Middle School
  • "There's no sweeter news than to get that phone call and hear 'Miss, I decided to become a teacher because of you.' "— Emily..." (read more)
    Emily Truss (TX '21)
    Part-Time Writer, Dallas Writing Project
  • "Thank you to my students, who show up and work hard to better themselves every day. You are why this job is so much fun."—..." (read more)
    Tyler Hallstedt (TN '21)
    Teacher, Mt. Juliet Middle School
  • "This is the last thing I thought was going to happen today!"— Raeven Brooks at her surprise Milken Award notification..." (read more)
    Raeven Brooks (TN '21)
    Teacher, Black Fox Elementary
  • "I learn every day what I need to fix for the next day, and every single year what I need to adjust for the next year."—..." (read more)
    Nichole Bowman (SD '21)
    Teacher, T.F. Riggs High School
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