Connections: Linking Talented Educators
Connections: Linking Talented Educators

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Dr. Robert Ziegler (NE '98) died November 6, 2011. He was an elementary principal when he received the Award. He was also a district superintendent. He and his brother Woody Ziegler, also a Milken Educator (NE '96) used their "Milken money" to found their own company, Learning for the Future. They then created the Educator's Virtual Mentor, a staff development process dedicated to presenting video examples of excellent teaching matched with articles summarizing current educational research. The site features Milken Educators, State Teachers of the Year and teachers recognized by their districts and communities as being leaders in the educational arena. Read more about Rob and Woody Ziegler's work.

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  • I first met Rob in Houston, Texas at a Title One conference where I was giving a presentation. We became friends right off. When ever we were at a national conference we would find time to go out to dinner. I was an elementary principal in Lamar, Colorado at the time. We had received recognition from the federal and state title programs for having an unusually successful school wide project.
    Two things I remember, one we wer looking for a place to ear one night and asked the consierg where to go. He said don't go out after dark. Rob and I looked at one another and went anyway to a really nice affordable Italian restaurant.
    The second was we were coming back into the hotel lobby and a black gentleman was playing the piano in the lobby with a guest. Rob said that's James Brown! We stood there, watched and listened as he played and then sang for quite some time!
    Always enjoyable with Rob.
    Really sorry to hear that he has passed.
    Charlie Dyer

    Posted by Charles Dyer, 06/02/2016 9:52am (7 years ago)

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