Grafton 2018 Brittany Larson reaction 560x345


First-grade teacher Brittany Larson gets the surprise of a lifetime in Grafton, North Dakota. 

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Nebraska 2018 Becky Streff reaction 560x345


Fifth-grade teacher Rebecca Streff joins Nebraska's Milken Educators in North Bend.

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North Little Rock 2017 Dawn McLain students hug 560x345

About the Milken Educator Awards

For 30 years, we've been surprising outstanding educators across the U.S. with $25,000 cash prizes. Check out the facts in our online newsroom.

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Decatur 2017 Joni Readout portrait 2 560x345


Milken Educators are shaping educational policy and impacting student outcomes for their states and the entire nation.

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Manny Rustin class This Is America 560x345

Teaching History Through Hip-Hop

Manny Rustin (CA '11) created his class on hip-hop culture to help students relate to American history.

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What are the Milken Educator Awards?

Film has the Oscar™, music has the Grammy™, science has the Nobel Prize and sports has its Olympic Gold, but what about the unsung heroes on the frontlines shaping our future?  Where is the recognition for our nation’s educators?  Enter Lowell Milken and the Milken Educator Awards.

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Mar 06, 2019

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Mar 05, 2019