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Principal Wendy Shirey Joins NV Milken Educators

Pinecrest Academy Horizon  |  Henderson, NV  |  Dec 19, 2018

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2018 Henderson Lowell Milken

"I believe that teachers and principals have the most important job in our society—preparing all of you for bright futures," says Lowell Milken, chairman and co-founder of the Milken Family Foundation, to Pinecrest's students. To honor and reward educators for their work, he created a national award more than three decades ago. Every year the Milken Family Foundation criss-crosses the country looking for outstanding educators. "I've been looking forward to coming here because I've had a secret I couldn't tell until today," he says. What's the secret? This year, one of those outstanding educators is right here in Henderson!

In this series:  Wendy Shirey (NV '18) In this photo:  Lowell Milken

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  • 2018 Henderson principal Wendy Shirey opens assembly
  • 2018 Henderson choir
  • 2018 Henderson Carrie Buck
  • 2018 Henderson Lowell Milken
  • 2018 Henderson Lowell Milken 2
  • 2018 Henderson Lowell Milken student 1
  • 2018 Henderson students 25000
  • 2018 Henderson students in suspense
  • 2018 Henderson Wendy Shirey reaction
  • 2018 Henderson Wendy Shirey Lowell Milken congratulations
  • 2018 Henderson Wendy Shirey check
  • 2018 Henderson Wendy Shirey listens
  • 2018 Henderson Wendy Shirey remarks
  • 2018 Henderson Wendy Shirey portrait
  • 2018 Henderson Wendy Shirey veterans
  • 2018 Henderson Lowell Milken Beverly Mathis
  • 2018 Henderson Lowell Milken Carrie Buck
  • 2018 Henderson Wendy Shirey calls mom
  • 2018 Henderson Lowell Milken Wendy Shirey school tour

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