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Ryan Moore Earns CO Milken Educator Award

Liberty Point International School  |  Pueblo West, CO  |  Oct 29, 2015

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CO Milken Educators

Veteran Colorado Milken Educators who received the Milken Educator Award in years past join the assembly at Liberty Point International School to welcome Ryan Moore to the Milken Educator family. From left, Patrick Mara (CO '90); Christine Comins (CO '89); Gina Oellig (CO '10); John Putnam (CO '89); Lisette Clemons (IL '89); and Lowell Milken, chairman and co-founder of the Milken Family Foundation.

In this series:  Ryan Moore (CO '15)
In this photo:  Lisette Clemons (IL '89)Christine Comins (CO '89)Patrick Mara (CO '90)Lowell Milken Gina Oellig (CO '10)John D. Putnam (CO '89)

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