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Principal Omar Duron Wins AZ Milken Award

Southwest Junior High School  |  San Luis, AZ  |  Jan 17, 2020

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2019 AZ Omar Duron NIET

Representatives of the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching (NIET) congratulate Southwest Junior High School Principal Omar Duron on his Milken Educator Award. The Gadsden district partners with NIET, and Principal Duron embraced the rubric and collaborative practices of NIET’s TAP System for Teacher and Student Advancement. Virtually all Southwest students deal with poverty, and half are migrants and/or English language learners (ELL). Defying stereotypes, student achievement has risen steadily for the past five years. A Stanford University study showed that the district outpaced peers and ranked in the top 10% of the nation for growth. 

From left, Dr. Joshua Barnett, NIET's president and chief operating officer; Dr. Candice McQueen, NIET's CEO; recipient Omar Duron; and Patti Cruz, NIET executive program specialist.

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