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STEM Star Nichole Anderson Joins CA Milken Educators

Hamilton Elementary School  |  Pasadena, CA  |  Feb 20, 2019

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Pasadena 2018 Nichole Anderson students

Excited students crowd around computer science teacher Nichole Anderson for a congratulatory group hug. The teacher plays a central role in Hamilton’s culture. She knows every student in the K-5 school by name, an admirable feat in a school with nearly 600 students. Anderson organizes a long list of school events, including weekly assemblies, enrichment classes, science and cultural fairs, yearbook, and kindergarten playdate program. She mentors students via leadership committees she developed through the Leader in Me program, organized a holiday gift drive for children in a local shelter, and participates on various committees including the English Learner Advisory, School Site Council, African American Parent Council, Annual Fund, and Parent Teacher Association. Students often gather in the computer lab at lunchtime to work on projects and make up class work.

In this series:  Nichole Anderson (CA '18) In this photo:  Nichole Anderson (CA '18)

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