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STEM Star Nichole Anderson Joins CA Milken Educators

Hamilton Elementary School  |  Pasadena, CA  |  Feb 20, 2019

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Pasadena 2018 Keric Ashley

Keric Ashley, deputy superintendent for the District, School, and Innovation Branch of the California Department of Education, commends students and staff on the school's "Leader In Me" status. The program develops student leadership skills starting as early as kindergarten and plays a central role in Hamilton's school culture. "It's important that you do well in school and on tests," says Ashley. "But the Leader in Me [program] is most important because we need to learn to get along with each other."

Then, changing direction, Deputy Superintendent Ashley introduces a special guest—someone with an important secret to share with the assembly.

In this series:  Nichole Anderson (CA '18)

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  • Pasadena 2018 Lowell Milken students before assembly
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  • Pasadena 2018 principal Erika Cooper
  • Pasadena 2018 pledge of allegiance
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  • Pasadena 2018 7 habits song
  • Pasadena 2018 Keric Ashley
  • Pasadena 2018 Nichole Anderson before announcement
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  • Pasadena 2018 Nichole Anderson reaction smiling
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  • Pasadena 2018 Lowell Milken Nichole Anderson congratulations
  • Pasadena 2018 Nichole Anderson check
  • Pasadena 2018 Nichole Anderson remarks
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  • Pasadena 2018 Nichole Anderson Becky Cheng
  • Pasadena 2018 veterans
  • Pasadena 2018 Nichole Anderson media
  • Pasadena 2018 Nichole Anderson colleagues selfie
  • Pasadena 2018 Nichole Anderson Lowell Milken call mother
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  • Pasadena 2018 Nichole Anderson portrait

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