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Lisa Richard Wins OR's Milken Educator Award

Lisa Richard (OR '16)   |   Pioneer School  |  Lebanon, OR  |  Dec 13, 2016

Good morning, Pioneer School! Special guests are in the house to celebrate Pioneer's AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) program, including Oregon Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction Dr. Salam Noor and Lebanon Community Schools Superintendent Dr. Rob Hess. But there's another very important reason for the all-school assembly. When Dr. Jane Foley, senior vice president of the Milken Educator Awards, presents third-grade teacher Lisa Richard with Oregon's 2016-17 Award and $25,000, the outstanding educator gets the surprise of her career. Follow as the day unfolds in our photo gallery.

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  • Pioneer principal Tonya Cairo
  • Pioneer students pledge of allegiance
  • Pioneer mascot at assembly
  • Lebanon Superitendent Rob Hess
  • Deputy Superintendent Salam Noor at Pioneer
  • Jane Foley at Pioneer School assembly
  • Jane Foley with Pioneer student 1
  • Jane Foley with Pioneer student 2
  • Jane Foley with Pioneer student 3
  • Jane Foley with Pioneer students 4
  • Pioneer students spell 25000
  • Pioneer students excited 2
  • Pioneer school unrolling check
  • Lisa Richard reaction
  • Lisa Richard in shock with colleagues
  • Lisa Richard with Salam Noor Jane Foley congratulations
  • Pioneer students excited 1
  • Lisa Richard check
  • Salam Noor congratulates Lisa Richard
  • Lisa Richard acceptance speech
  • Lisa Richard with Pioneer students
  • Lisa Richard calls husband
  • Lisa Richard Pioneer staff
  • Lisa Richard with Oregon vets
  • Lisa Richard exuberant with colleague
  • Lisa Richard portrait
  • Lisa Richard Jane Foley Pioneer classroom

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