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The Washington, D.C., 2023-24 Milken Educator Is: Kelly Maranchuck!

BASIS Washington, D.C.  |  Washington, DC  |  Nov 06, 2023

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Representatives from the Milken Family Foundation and veteran Milken Educators welcome Kelly Maranchuck (DC '23) to the family.

From left, Ann Lam Wong (VA ‘09); Milken Family Foundation President and Co-Founder Mike Milken; Lauren Wilson (VA ‘15); Lauren Jensen (NY ‘15); Claire Smullen (DC ‘19); recipient Kelly Maranchuck (DC '23); Dr. Rachel Tommelleo (DC ‘18); Jenelle Bryant (DC ‘21); Dion T. Jones (MD ‘22); and Milken Family Foundation Executive Vice President Richard Sandler.

In this series:  Kelly Maranchuck (DC '23)
In this photo:  Jenelle Bryant (DC '21)Lauren Jensen (NY '15)Dion T. Jones (MD '22)Kelly Maranchuck (DC '23)Claire Smullen (DC '19)Dr. Rachel Tommelleo (DC '18)Lauren Wilson (VA '15)Ann Lam Wong (VA '09)

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