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Heather Haught Joins WV Milken Educators in Moundsville

Heather Haught (WV '21)   |   McNinch Primary School  |  Moundsville, WV  |  Feb 17, 2022

There's a special assembly at McNinch Primary, with West Virginia Superintendent of Schools W. Clayton Burch on hand to talk about the school's efforts to promote positive behaviors. But wait...why is Mr. Burch introducing a special visitor from the West Coast? When Milken Educator Awards Vice President Stephanie Bishop names first grade teacher Heather Haught a West Virginia Milken Educator, no one is more surprised than the recipient herself! Click through the photos to follow the day's events.

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  • WV McNinch Clayton Burch students
  • WV McNinch principal Jane Duffy
  • WV McNinch Shelby Haines
  • WV McNinch Clayton Burch
  • WV McNinch Stephanie Bishop
  • WV McNinch students watching
  • WV McNinch 25000
  • WV Heather Haught reaction PB
  • WV Heather Haught walks to front
  • WV students applauding
  • WV Heather Haught Clayton Burch
  • WV Heather Haught check
  • WV Heather Haught surprised
  • WV Heather Haught veterans
  • WV Heather Haught state board of education
  • WV Heather Haught media 2
  • WV Heather Haught media
  • WV Heather Haught daughter
  • WV Heather Haught classroom hug
  • WV Heather Haught classroom check

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