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Garden City Elementary School

Indianapolis, Indiana  |  Oct 06, 2008

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Fourteen veteran Milken Educators welcome Nicole Law into the Milken Educator Network. From left to right:

Theresa Knipstein Meyer (IN '00)
Sherry Annee (IN '01)
Rick Crosslin (IN '98)
Alicia Deanne Harris (IN '01)
Jessica Heidelberg (IN '06)
C. Ray Seale (IN '93)
Jeff Rudkin (IN '07)
Nicole Law (IN '08)
Marjorie Ramey (IN '06)
Matt Walsh (IN '03)
Daphne Draa (IN '04)
Mariama Shaheed-Carson(IN '04)
Suellen Reed, Indiana State Superintendent of Public Instruction
Dr. Rex Bolinger (IN '99)
Dexter Suggs, Sr. (IN '07)
Mark Weaver (IN '97)
Dr. Jane Foley, Senior Vice President, Milken Educator Awards

In this photo:  Sherry L. Annee (IN '01)Dr. Rex Bolinger (IN '99)Rick Crosslin (IN '98)Daphne Draa (IN '04)Alicia Deanne Harris (IN '01)Jessica Heidelberg (IN '06)Theresa Knipstein Meyer (IN '00)Dr. Nicole Law (IN '08)Marjorie Ramey (IN '06)Jeff Rudkin (IN '07)C. Ray Seale (IN '93)Mariama Shaheed-Carson (IN '04)Dr. Dexter Suggs, Sr. (IN '07)Matt Walsh (IN '03)Mark Weaver (IN '97)

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