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Jessica Tsoufiou Wins 2014–15 Milken Educator Surprise!

Frazer Elementary  |  Canton, OH  |  Dec 02, 2014

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Jessica Tsoufiou with Veteran Milken Educators

Seven educators representing over 20 years of Ohio’s Milken Educator Network and Dr. Jane Foley—a veteran Milken Educator Award recipient and now senior vice president of the program—were on hand to welcome Jessica to the family.

Pictured, from left: Richard Benz (OH ’92), Dr. Jane Foley (IN ’94), Lisa Suarez-Caraballo (OH ’05), Kristina Blair (OH ’10), Jessica Tsoufiou (OH ’14), Michelle Gagne (OH '04), Nancy Varian (OH ’94) and Sarah Franko (OH ’13).

In this series:  Jessica Tsoufiou (OH '14) In this photo:  Richard Benz (OH '92)Kristina Blair (OH '10)Sarah Franko (OH '13)Michelle Gagne (OH '04)Lisa Suarez-Caraballo (OH '05)Nancy Varian (OH '94)

All photos should be credited to "Milken Family Foundation" unless otherwise noted.

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  • Jessica Tsoufiou sing Frazer Elementary school song
  • Jessica Tsoufiou Dr Jane Foley
  • Jessica Tsoufiou 25000 with Dr Richard Ross
  • Jessica Tsoufiou surprise reaction
  • Jessica Tsoufiou humbled by applause
  • Jessica Tsoufiou with Richard Ross Jane Foley and VIPs
  • Jessica Tsoufiou accepts award
  • Jessica Tsoufiou with MEA envelope
  • Jessica Tsoufiou with Veteran Milken Educators
  • Jessica Tsoufiou Richard Ross Jane Foley
  • Jessica Tsoufiou hugged by students
  • Jessica Tsoufiou and Richard Ross in class

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  • Congratulations Jessica!
    Welcome to the Milken Educator Family!

    Ed Henke
    PA Milken Educator '97

    Posted by Edward Henke (PA '97), 03/12/2014 6:14am (8 years ago)

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