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Timothy Cline

Timothy Cline (AK '99)



At the time of the Award, Timothy Cline was:

Eben Hopson Sr. Memorial Middle School
Barrow, AK

Grade(s): 6, 7, 8

Biographical Information

Principal K. Timothy Cline has instituted several reforms to improve reading and writing at rural Eben Hopson Sr. Memorial Middle School in Barrow. He has dramatically increased class time devoted to reading, adopted a phonics review program and the "Accelerated Reader" program to improve students' reading skills, and implemented the Bay Area Writing Process which uses a six-category rubric to assess writing. Mr. Cline also provides his students with access to the best computer and video technology available, with a ratio of one computer for every three students. All classroom computers at Hopson are connected to the Internet, and all students have their own individual email accounts.

Personal Message

In 2000, I began a new adventure in education for myself. I took a position as the Assistant Director of a Statewide Homeschooling program. The Interior Distance Education of Alaska (I.D.E.A.) is the homeschooling division of the Galena City School District. This exciting program has found a way to assist homeschoolers who would otherwise be on their own. The program supports the family's right to choose their curriculum materials and assists as needed in helping each child to move forward. Each family is given an allotment of funds to purchase curriculum, lessons and tutoring. I suspect that I.D.E.A. will become well-known in the years to come. It works! Check out our website.

Additional Information


1979 Pacific Lutheran University, B.A.

University of Alaska, M.Ed.