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Tillman Kennon (AR '99)

Associate Chair, Chemistry & Physics Department

Arkansas State University
State University, AR

At the time of the Award, Tillman Kennon was:

Cross County High School
Cherry Valley, AR

Subject(s) taught: Chemistry
Grade(s): 11, 12

Biographical Information

Tillman Kennon has been a faculty member at Arkansas State University since fall 2001. Dr. Tillman Kennon has conducted research that spans a range of topics including both science education and atmospheric studies. He is the Director of the Arkansas BalloonSAT program at Arkansas State University. Funding for this research is provided from NASA through the Arkansas Space Grant Consortium (ASGC). He represents the ASTATE campus on the ASGC’s board/committee and he is the ASGC Director for its statewide BalloonSAT program. His work was highlighted, along with coauthor Ed Roberts, in an article Students at the Edge of Space published in the journal The Science Teacher produced by the National Science Teachers Association (January 2008). A photograph taken from a camera mounted in one of the payload boxes flown on Arkansas BalloonSAT 6 made the cover of this journal. The Arkansas BalloonSAT team has successfully launched and recovered 37 BalloonSAT’s dating back to the first flight on December 16, 2006. Numerous instruments measuring such things as atmospheric temperature, humidity, radiation, and light intensity have recorded data from different locations over the State of Arkansas. The initial focus of this project was outreach with the k-12 schools, and still involves outreach; however atmospheric research has become a significant component for this endeavor. This ongoing collaborative projection has involved a number of faculty and students from different academic backgrounds, including physics, chemistry, biology, and astronomy among different ASGC schools who have contributed to this effort. Dr. Kennon is an amateur astronomer, having taught both introductory and upper level astronomy classes at Arkansas State University as well as Atmospheric Dynamics which provides opportunities for student-generated projects to be launched to the edge of space through payloads tethered to high altitude balloons. He presents public astronomy lectures as well as setting up telescopes for astronomical viewing such as the annual astronomy event at Jacksonport State Park each fall. He was an invited speaker at the Texas State Party in 2007 and again in 2009 presenting talks on the Arkansas BalloonSAT program and research. On July 11, 1991, he had the opportunity to view and photograph a total solar eclipse on the Big Island of Hawaii, which fueled his interest in astronomy especially eclipses. This experience will be discussed today and the exciting solar eclipse coming on August 21, 2017 which ASGC members will have an opportunity to participate. Dr. Tillman Kennon is:Associate Chair, Department of Chemistry & Physics

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1972 Arkansas State University - Jonesboro, AR