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Terrance Levenda (IN '93)


At the time of the Award, Terrance Levenda was:

Portage High School
Portage, IN

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"Diversity and technology are the two major changes that have had an effect on the educator's role over the past few years," says Terrance Levenda, principal of William Fegely Middle School in Portage. Both of these changes are eagerly greeted at Fegely Middle School. Mr. Levenda urges faculty to embrace diversity, and to become conscious of the differences that inform today's student body. He also believes in the endless possibilities of a technologically assisted course of study. "Staying abreast of the rapid growth in this area is a challenge, but the rewards are great because of its potential," he says. Mr. Levenda tries to create an atmosphere where "educators enjoy working and young people enjoy learning. When people feel comfortable," he adds, "they are willing to accept new ideas and be innovative." Mr. Levenda hopes that he has succeeded in creating a school environment where all children, regardless of their abilities, are able to "meet with success." In 1991, the Indiana State Department of Education recognized Mr. Levenda and Fegely Middle School as an Inclusion of Special Education Model school.

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1964 St. JosephÕs College, B.A.

School-to-Work, Vocations and Career Preparation, Special Education