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Telisa D. Hadley

Telisa D. Hadley (AR '09)

Math Teacher

Rose City Middle School
North Little Rock, AR

At the time of the Award, Telisa D. Hadley was:

Math Teacher
Rose City Middle School
North Little Rock, AR

Subject(s) taught: Mathematics
Grade(s): 7, 8

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One could sum up Telisa Hadley's teaching philosophy as helping people to help themselves. At Rose City Middle School in Little Rock, AR, Hadley teaches Pre-Advanced Placement (AP) geometry, Pre-AP Algebra I, as well as RAMP-up mathematics, a program for middle school students who are more than two years behind in math. In all of her classes-and outside the classroom-Hadley provides the right formula to increase math skills and self-reliance.

Hadley purposely does not answer every question her students ask, but instead, guides them in finding the answers on their own. Students work solo and in groups to find solutions to their own questions. Using this strategy, paired with integrated Singapore Math concepts, Hadley has drastically improved her students' achievement. One-hundred percent of her geometry students scored advanced or proficient on their end of geometry test in 2007-2008, and 75 percent scored advanced or proficient in algebra on the end of Algebra I exam. This is quite an accomplishment at Rose City Middle School, where 84 percent of students qualify for free and reduce-price lunch. Hadley also works outside her department with English, visual arts and science teachers to integrate math and literacy into the curriculum.

Beyond the classroom, Hadley strives to spread knowledge and independence wherever she goes. She served on the Arkansas Department of Education's Benchmark Cut Score Committee and worked for The Community Project, which takes students to experience cultural activities in major cities. She started a math tutoring program at her church for students and parents alike; is also a Pathwise Mentor for entry-level teachers; and teaches young women proper etiquette. These skills, combined with the students' achievements in math, add up to create a brighter future for young people and their community.

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1996 University of Arkansas - Pine Bluff, B.S.