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Shirley G. Willimon

Shirley G. Willimon (SC '98)

Literacy Specialist

Simpsonville Elementary School
Simpsonville, SC

Subject(s) taught: General Elementary

At the time of the Award, Shirley G. Willimon was:

Mauldin Elementary School
Mauldin, SC

Subject(s) taught: General Elementary
Grade(s): 4

Biographical Information

Currently the Literacy Specialist at Simpsonville Elementary School, Shirley Willimon works with teachers to improve classroom instruction. She has developed programs that promote tolerance and improve student self-esteem, such as her innovative "Just Like Me" program, which combined fifth-graders at Simpsonville with students from Washington Center, a school for the severely disabled. She also created "Getting to Know You," a summer program aimed at building a stronger bond with students bussed in from a remote housing project. In the classroom, her activity-based curriculum included a unit on longitude and latitude in which students apply geographic concepts to real-life storms. Several years ago, Mrs. Willimon left the classroom to be one of twelve teacher leaders selected to participate in the state's ADEPT (Assisting, Developing, Evaluating, Professional Teaching) program. After three years she returned to a reading specialist position and in 2002 became the Instructional Coach at Simpsonville. In 2014 she returned as the Literacy Specialist in her school. She enjoys the opportunity to work with students again under the State "Read 2 Succeed" initiative.

Additional Information


2001 Education Specialist - Administration

1990 Master of Education

1989 Converse College, B.A.