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Sharon Morgan

Sharon Morgan (NM '92)


At the time of the Award, Sharon Morgan was:

Tome Elementary School
Los Lunas, NM

Subject(s) taught: General Elementary
Grade(s): K

Biographical Information

Sharon Morgan taught kindergarten and second grade students in the Los Lunas Public Schools before taking on the role of mentor coordinator and peer support teacher. In this capacity she worked with new teachers in their first three years in the profession. She served as chair of the teacher workgroup on the new New Mexico licensure system as well as on the Teacher Evaluation work group. She served on the NCATE Board of Examiners for nine years. In 1997 she was elected to the office of president of the National Education Association New Mexico. In this role, she advocated for the interests of New Mexico students, employees and public education. Sharon was appointed as a Commissioner for Education Commission of the States (ECS) by former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson and has continued in that position since her retirement in July 2013.

Personal Message

I am particularly interested in successful programs to help struggling readers achieve success. New Mexico has many students who live in poverty and/or are English Langauage Learners. Research is clear that bilingual students have an advantage in knowing two langauages and we want to promote that bilingualism and respect for the diveristy of our students and their families. I am also interested in successful programs to address drop out rates in our high schools. With all the discussion currently about teacher evaluation and especially linking teacher evaluations to student test scores, I would also be interested in the experiences of other Milken educators with this issue.