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Mathew McClenahan (CA '05)

Principal, Coordinator of Instruction

Oak Park High School
Oak Park, CA

At the time of the Award, Mathew McClenahan was:

HighTechHigh, Los Angeles
Lake Balboa, CA

Subject(s) taught: Mathematics, Social Studies
Grade(s): 9, 10, 12

Biographical Information

At the time of his award, Math and social studies teacher Mathew McClenahan found innovative ways to get his students involved in active learning experiences at HighTechHigh in Los Angeles.  He planned and organized a Museum Night for his tenth-grade world history classes, in which students researched and created museum exhibits showing different aspects of the culture, technology and history of ancient Rome.  On display for fellow students, parents, school faculty and community members to see, the students' museum even included a gift shop. A key staff member since the school's inception, Mr. McClenahan helped HighTechHigh-LA become the only Los Angeles campus to score 100 percent on both the English and math portions of the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE).  Though he began as a social studies teacher, Mr. McClenahan added math classes to his schedule, teaching students at three different levels of math and helping every one of them advance academically.  When the University of California at Santa Barbara approached the school about establishing a summer satellite program for juniors and seniors interested in taking college classes for credit, Mr. McClenahan worked with administrators at both Birmingham High School and UCSB to reconfigure the school's technology infrastructure, helped bring the program online, and took charge of the admissions process.  Many HighTechHigh students are achieving high success thanks to this high-quality teacher. Currently, Mr. McClenahan is the Principal, Coordinator of Instruction at Oak Park High School.

Personal Message

As one who has taught many subjects I am very intereted in developing cross-curriculur projects. I am deeply concerned about the answer to the question, "When I am ever going to use this?" I welcome any communication you wish to share.

Additional Information


2015 M.A., University of California - Los Angeles

1993 M.A., Columbia University

1992 B.A., New York University