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Kevin Burr (KS '99)


Woodland Park High School
Woodland Park, CO

At the time of the Award, Kevin Burr was:

Garden City High School
Garden City, KS

Grade(s): 9, 10, 11, 12

Biographical Information

After a successful tenure as principal of Garden City High School, Kevin Burr became a leading school improvement consultant with the High Schools That Work (HSTW) initiative. As a national staff development presenter, Mr. Burr worked with high schools in every region of the country to improve student achievement through raised expectations and the implementation of a more rigorous curriculum. He continues to serve as a resource for state legislators and local education policymakers. During his time with HSTW he was selected to lead the Texas High School Project. In this position, he assisted nine urban schools in directing grant monies to re-design their large high schools with a focus on college readiness. Most recently, Mr. Burr has been working with Tulsa Public Schools - first in high school redesign and now, as Associate Superintendent for Secondary Schools. He continues to lead re-design inititatives, this time from the inside. He is a fourth year doctoral student at the University of Oklahoma studying educational leadership. In May of 2010 he will be published in New Perspectives in Educational Leadership as a chapter author. His research focus is in understanding Cross- Boundary Leadership as it relates to the community school movement in urban centers. He expects to defend his dissertation in 2010.

Additional Information


1982 Fort Hays State University, B.A.