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Jeffrey Geiger (ND '93)


At the time of the Award, Jeffrey Geiger was:

Century High School
Bismarck, ND

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For Jeffery Geiger, principal of Century High School in Bismarck, education is a calling that came at an early age. "I always saw teaching not simply as a means of making a living but as a way of life," he says. Mr. Geiger's love of knowledge and his need to share and impart that knowledge come to him from his mother, who, despite "a limited formal education, raised three children all of whom became educators." Educators today, he believes, must "allow creativity...allow differences in thought and action." In his opinion, too many schools have become machines for uniformity - "killers of the dream." His firm belief in the virtues of group effort and participation is apparent from several programs he has implemented at Century High School; these programs recognize the key role of teachers and parents in the decision-making process. Mr. Geiger describes his dream school as one in which "interdisciplinary learning occurs with a team of teachers who facilitate student learning." Century High School was recently named a Blue Ribbon School by the United States Department of Education.

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1970 North Dakota State University, M.S. Education

1964 North Dakota State University, B.A.