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Janice Crowley

Janice Crowley (KS '97)

Adjunct Chemistry Instructor

Santa Rosa Junior College
Santa Rosa, CA

Subject(s) taught: Chem 60, Chem 42, and Chem 1 A

At the time of the Award, Janice Crowley was:

Independent High School
Wichita, KS

Subject(s) taught: Chemistry
Grade(s): 9, 10, 11, 12

Biographical Information

Janice has been teaching chemistry at Santa Rosa Junior College since January 2016. Janice Crowley is the former science department chair at Wichita Collegiate High School in Wichita. Her effective and innovative teaching strategies earned her recognition as "Best Chemistry Inspiration" in the 2005 "America's 100 Best" edition of Reader's Digest. An accomplished grant writer, Crowley has been awarded both funding and equipment for original research that has inspired scores of students. One such study, "Classroom Research: GC Studies of Linoleic and Linolenic Fatty Acids Found in French Fries," examined the link between fatty acids found in French fries and their possible link to cancer. The results of the study were published in the Journal of Chemical Education, Popular Science and Science Teacher. Chad Cowan, who now leads a team of scientists at Harvard University, and who published a report outlining significant advancements in stem cell research, is one of many students to credit Crowley with inspiring him. Her many awards include Kansas State University's Phyllis Patrick Distinguished Chemistry Teacher Award and Regional Outstanding Chemistry Teacher from the American Chemistry Society. Crowley has received grants for innovative curriculum from businesses and organizations such as Target, Southwestern Bell, the Kansas Community Foundation, Vulcan Chemicals and Wolf Creek, and secured funding for original research from Toyota. Sponsor for Wizards (high school chemistry students who perform science demos as community service to elementary schools. Judge for Toyota TAPESTRY grants. Reviewer for the Journal of Chemical Education and Science Teacher. 2009 Siemens National A.P. Teacher recipient.

Personal Message

I teach chemistry at Santa Rosa Junior College. I am available for some consulting opportunities.

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Additional Information


1992 Masters in Chemistry Education Wichita State University

1980 University of Texas - Arlington, B.A.

Chemistry 42 Survivor Guide


Classroom Research: GC Studies of Linoleic and Linolenic Fatty Acids Found in French Fries

Academics, Livescribe pencasts, A.P. Chemistry Consultant, Inquiry Lab Consultant, ACT Science Prep Consultant, Chemistry of Cooking, Computers, Extracurricular Activities, Grant Writing, Internet, Mentoring, Science, Technology, Chemistry Teacher Trainer