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Geraldine Ichimura (HI '95)

Educational Consultant

State Department of Education

At the time of the Award, Geraldine Ichimura was:

Dole Middle School
Honolulu, HI

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"Because I have a strong belief in the multiple intelligences of people, I decided early in my career as an administrator that I would capitalize on the strengths of my students rather than bemoan their inabilities," says Geraldine Ichimura, principal of Governor Sanford Ballard Dole Intermediate School in Honolulu. To this end, Mrs. Ichimura has created a school that is organized around an art-integrated curriculum, offering opportunities such as an advanced band program, an advanced glee club and a wide range of programs in multimedia arts. In the spring of 1993, the school received the Hawaii Alliance for Arts Education Award for Arts Excellence. The school has a growing reputation as an exceptional center for arts-centered education and is the State of Hawaii Department of Education's model site for technology and implementation of the middle school concept.