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Dr. Shirley Curtis (OH '98)

Teaching Professor

Xavier University's Educational Administration Department
Cincinnati, OH

Subject(s) taught: Educational Administration

At the time of the Award, Dr. Shirley Curtis was:

Freedom Elementary School
West Chester, OH

Subject(s) taught: Mathematics
Grade(s): 1, 2, 3, 5, 6

Biographical Information

Currently at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio, Dr. Shirley Curtis teaches Master in Education students in Education Administration and Doctoral students in Organizational Leadership.Dr. Curtis strongly believes that an effective school leader is the key to a school’s success. She is partaking in rethinking and revising Xavier’s Educational Administration Program to address the evolving role of the principal. Dr. Curtis is also a school consultant to public, private, suburban, rural and urban schools assisting teachers in best teaching practices. Previously a Principal at Ayer Elementary School, the motto "Success for all!" underpinned the school's entire educational philosophy. Principal Shirley Curtis encouraged her staff to create a nurturing, child-centered environment where pupils were the highest priority. Since students learn in various ways and at various rates, Dr. Curtis believed that it was essential to meet student needs by providing different experiences and services. Striving to be a positive, effective and instructional leader, Dr. Curtis promoted collaborative leadership. When Ayer's staff came together, they shared ideas and worked together on the building's goals for improving the school. Dr. Curtis also endorsed community involvement and support as key to a school's success. When Dr. Curtis was the lead teacher and math/reading specialist at Freedom Elementary School, she significantly increased the level of parental and community involvement. She also developed and implemented a program in which adult volunteers discussed math story problems one-on-one with students, providing individualized assessments of what students knew and how they learned. As lead teacher of the school's Improving Instruction Team, she steered a cross-disciplinary group that researched and incorporated best teaching practices in all content areas. Dr. Curtis is also a conference presenter and has authored education articles.

Additional Information


1987 Miami University, B.A.; Xavier University, MEd; University of Cincinnati, EdD

Doctor of Education in Administration and Mathematics Education


Curriculum Leadership: Beyond Boilerplate Standards, 2nd Edition

leadership, relationships, empowering others, meaningful engaging teaching, students come first!