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Dr. Lucia (Martinez) Rivera-Aragon (CO '89)


At the time of the Award, Dr. Lucia (Martinez) Rivera-Aragon was:

Bradford Elementary School
Pueblo, CO

Biographical Information

Lucia (Martinez) Rivera-Aragon is principal at Bradford Elementary School in Pueblo, a predominantly minority school that supports the entire community's efforts toward continuing education. Dr. (Martinez) Rivera-Aragon provides parents with facilities to prepare for the Graduate Equivalency Degree exam, and she develops such programs as the all-volunteer after-school tutorials that emphasize individual achievement. In order to increase her students' involvement in the community, she has instituted a mentor program with the Latino Chamber of Commerce. Emphasizing the importance of lifelong learning. Dr. (Martinez) Rivera-Aragon recognizes that the child is always the nucleus of education.

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1973 University of Southern Colorado, B.S.

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