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Dr. L.F. Henderson (AR '94)


At the time of the Award, Dr. L.F. Henderson was:

Burke Street Intermediate School
Ashdown, AR

Biographical Information

"When students know that you love them, then you can teach them," said L.F. Henderson, principal of Burke Street Intermediate School in Ashdown. Under Dr. Henderson's leadership, Burke Street Intermediate School held talent shows, open houses and multicultural fairs to strengthen the link between school and community. The school also presented such programs as Aerospace Days, worked toward a more integrated science curriculum, and promoted computer-assisted instruction. Dr. Henderson also instituted programs that reward academic achievement and intellectual curiosity. Students who demonstrated excellence were honored with individual prizes and a visit to the principal's office to be congratulated. The Electronic Bookshelf Reading Program, introduced by Dr. Henderson, permits students who have read more than a 100 books in a year to serve as Principal-for-a-Day.

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1958 University of Arkansas - Pine Bluff, B.A.