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Donald Snyder (PA '99)


At the time of the Award, Donald Snyder was:

South Philadelphia High School
Philadelphia, PA

Subject(s) taught: Health Occupations
Grade(s): 9

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For an at-risk student body whose reading skills vary widely, hands-on science provides the common denominator in Donald Snyder's biology and general science classes at South Philadelphia High School in Philadelphia. Mr. Snyder challenges his students to develop and apply problem-solving, critical-thinking and process skills in a curriculum that is both relevant and rewarding. Believing that students experience their greatest success through active participation, Mr. Snyder coaches groups of students to enter, and often win, prestigious science competitions such as the Science Olympiad and ECO-MEET for Environmental Awareness. He also encourages his students to apply their science skills in community improvement projects, including a neighborhood tree farm developed in partnership with local senior citizens.

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1976 Temple University, B.A.