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David Borth (MI '94)


At the time of the Award, David Borth was:

Eastwood Elementary School
Big Rapids, MI

Grade(s): K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Biographical Information

David Borth was director of the Hawthorn Learning Center, an educational consulting and outdoor education nonprofit agency in Big Rapids. Previously, Borth served as an elementary principal and variously as director of curriculum, technology, special education, assessment, grants and projects, and at-risk programs, as well as interim superintendent. He was an adjunct professor in technology leadership and safe schools at Ferris State University. Borth served on the State Board of Education's Integrating Schools and Communities Task Force. As principal of Eastwood Elementary School for 17 years, he implemented comprehensive reform and systemic change in his school and community. His project and 32-page report, The Future Belongs to the Village (published by the Kellogg Foundation), became the foundation of regional changes in programs in many schools. In addition to his Milken Educator Award, Borth was named Michigan Principal of the Year, a National Distinguished Principal, and a Northern Lights Educator. He also led the Network of Michigan Educators (, which represents over 500 recognized Michigan educators, and was involved in improving instruction, policy intervention and professional development.

Personal Message

I am deeply committed to improving education in Michigan and in our country. We have built a very successful network, The Network of Michigan Educators (NME) founded on the very successful model of our MEA Network. We have developed a strong, but independent identity in our relationship with our State Board and the Michigan Department of Education, where they have adopted a Strategic Plan for involving the NME in the life and work of the Agency. We have established a means by which we can provide value weighted opinions to policy makers (rapid response)on educational issues, policies, and laws without becoming advocates for any one view or issue. Instead we provide resources for improved practice, impact research, and educational policy by connecting the talents of NME members with each other and the educational community. NME is made up of over 500 recognized educators and has working relationships (in addition to the State Board and Dept of Ed.) with Michigan Virtual University, The Michigan Institute for Educational Management, 11 University Schools of Education, The National Academies of Science and Engineering, the state legislature, The Governor's Office, etc. NME was a key contributor to the new High School Standard Law and the new standard for Professional Preparation. If you would like to learn more about our network or our work please go to

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1963 Lawrence University, B.A.