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Charles McAfee (MA '99)

Educational Consultant and Mentor

Boston Public Schools
Boston, MA

At the time of the Award, Charles McAfee was:

Clarence R. Edwards Middle School
Charlestown, MA

Grade(s): 6, 7, 8

Biographical Information

Charles E. (Chuck) McAfee retired in 2012, after 40 years with Boston Public Schools. At present, he consults and mentors with Superintendent and Principals in Massachusetts, and for the past three years he has been working as an Executive Coach for Male Educators of Color (MEOC) which is a program with Boston Public Schools. They mentor and support teachers, paraprofessionals, and principals.

Previously, he was the headmaster/director of Boston's Madison Park Technical Vocational High School, where he supervised a staff of 200 and helped to mentor 1,600 students in four academies since 2000. For his work on behalf of the school, McAfee received an Unsung Hero Award from local news station WB56, and was also featured in the nationally televised ABC documentary, "Boston 24/7." McAfee was president of the Boston Public Schools' Headmasters Association, and served on the board of directors of the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology. Prior to assuming his position at Madison Park, McAfee was a teacher and administrator for more than 25 years. As principal of Clarence R. Edwards Middle School in Charlestown, McAfee's innovations included "Project If," a program conducted jointly with Harvard University, providing students with specialized counseling by mental health interns. McAfee also implemented "Life Literacy," a program that promoted reading aloud and guided reading and writing across the curriculum. He also served as cluster leader for a group from the Boston Public Schools that partnered with the National Urban Institute to improve services to students with disabilities.

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69 Chamberlyane Jr. College, B.A.