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Cathleen Murayama (HI '94)


At the time of the Award, Cathleen Murayama was:

Lihikai Elementary School
Kahului, HI

Subject(s) taught: General Elementary
Grade(s): K

Biographical Information

Cathleen Murayama, who teaches at Lihikai Elementary School in Kahului, is responsible for introducing a curriculum designed to meet the specific needs of the kindergarten students in her school and to allow each student to work at his or her own level. Ms. Murayama uses concrete, hands-on activities and classroom "learning centers" to "encourage students to make choices, explore various concepts, work cooperatively and be creative." She also strives to integrate students' out-of-school experiences into the curriculum. Ms. Murayama has adjusted her classroom to respond to the needs of handicapped children, creating an atmosphere of sensitivity and inclusion for all. In an effort to foster parent involvement, Ms. Murayama has also initiated numerous classroom and school-wide field trips and events that include parents.