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Carole Harman (RI '93)


At the time of the Award, Carole Harman was:

Central High School
Providence, RI

Subject(s) taught: Science, Mathematics, English as a Second Language

Biographical Information

After retiring in 1999 from the Providence public schools, Carole Harman began teaching part-time in the Art Education Department at Rhode Island College in Providence. Harman was also a college supervisor for potential art teachers, observing them during their student teaching and guiding their way. Previously, Harman taught grades nine through twelve at Central High School in Providence, where her innovations included "City Wide Arts," a forum for exhibiting art works by public school children. She also implemented an arts program for Central High's alternate diploma project, which offered academically challenged students an opportunity to complete high school by attending school after hours, and through total immersion in one subject a day. Harman often introduced herself to her students not only as their art teacher, but also as a practicing artist. By underlining the central role played by art in her own life, she hoped to communicate the importance of art to all lives. While she did not expect all of her students to become artists or to share the depth of her own passion for art, Harman encouraged them to acquire an interest in visiting museums or to pursue art-related hobbies.

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Rhode Island School of Design, B.A.

At-risk Students, Fine Arts, Interdisciplinary Instruction, Reading