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Brock Ridge (NC '95)


At the time of the Award, Brock Ridge was:

Richlands High School
Richlands, NC

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In his thirty-four years as an educator, Brock Ridge, principal of Richlands High School in Richlands, has been active in professional development activities to improve and better define the role of educational leaders. As a part-time teacher for the North Carolina Principals' Executive Program, Mr. Ridge has introduced other educators to the seminar model of classroom teaching. He was also selected as one of nine educators for the Effective School project, a two-year training program that focused on staff development and team building. While in the program, Mr. Ridge served at all 26 schools in his educational unit, and, as a result, developed strong personal and professional ties to educators throughout the area. Because Mr. Ridge is a firm believer in providing students with opportunities to demonstrate responsibility, he has students plan and preside over major school activities.

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1961 East Carolina University, B.A.