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Brian Page (OH '11)

Senior Director of Partnerships & Advocacy

Next Gen Personal Finance
Peachtree City, GA

Subject(s) taught: Business/Office

At the time of the Award, Brian Page was:

Reading High School
Reading, OH

Subject(s) taught: Business (Personal Finance)
Grade(s): 9, 10, 11, 12

Biographical Information

Brian Page is deeply passionate about financial literacy.

Among the many merits of his value-oriented instruction, personal finance and business teacher Brian Page shows students how to set fiscal goals and manage their funds. Community members visit his classes to demonstrate the importance of planning for the future and understanding dollars and cents. Page sets up Skype chats with CEOs, economists and politicians when the experts can’t come in person.

Page is known for innovations, simulations and games that capture kids’ attention and help them grasp concepts. When it comes to technology, he always stays ahead of the curve. He created and copyrighted an educational board game to use in class, authored his own personal finance curriculum (now used districtwide) and developed a specialized reading library. Page also launched TeenDollars, a nationally recognized, student-run financial literacy organization, as well as a student-run school bookstore.

One hundred percent of Page’s students passed the National Test of Financial Education, conducted by the Department of the Treasury. The University of Cincinnati Pre and Post Assessed and Proctored his students, and students from four other districts who were also taking stand-alone Personal Finance courses. His students were pre-assessed at a 55%, while the students from the other four collective districts were pre-assessed at a 54%. They were post-assessed at a 79.4% and the four collective district students were post-assessed at a 60%.

Leadership posts include key roles on the Ohio Commission for Personal Finance Education and the Financial Literacy Steering Committee for the Ohio Department of Education. Page presented at a national conference for financial educators. He partners with the University of Cincinnati to provide his students with college credit. A trailblazer in business education, he has served as a curriculum specialist at the University of Cincinnati Economics Center from 2009 to 2011.

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