Connections: Linking Talented Educators
Connections: Linking Talented Educators

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"I want every kid I teach to have opportunity and choice, which is a phrase that I borrow from my school’s mission statement. I don’t want to define success for my students, but I would be thrilled if they all got a college education. At the bare minimum, I want them to have the education necessary to choose what they want to do in life. There’s nothing worse than feeling trapped in a job or a particular way of living. If they want to move across the country as an adult, I want them to have the opportunity to do that. If they want to switch careers after getting a few years’ experience, I want them to have the opportunity to do that. Passing standardized tests, improving on a reading assessment, mastering how to write an essay, delivering a speech—these are all stepping stones along the way to creating a life of opportunity and choice. I’m here to help them navigate." — Spotlight: Steven Gamache (LA '19)

Steven Gamache (LA '19)