Connections: Linking Talented Educators
Connections: Linking Talented Educators

Spotlight: 10 Questions for Meghan LeFevers (NC '17)

February 27, 2018

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Since 2016, Bessemer City High School Assistant Principal Meghan LeFevers (NC ’17) has traveled the country giving presentations with a former student who has Autism Spectrum Disorder. Meghan’s using her Award money to take the student and her family to Walt Disney World: “Without her commitment to continue to improve and to share her story, I would not be where I am today.” Megan received North Carolina’s 2017-18 Milken Educator Award on December 18, 2017.

1. What went through your mind when you heard your name called at your surprise notification?

Meghan LeFevers: I was shocked, followed by a myriad of other emotions, including fear because of all the media present. However, once I was able to catch my breath, I was welcomed into the North Carolina Milken Educator family with open arms!

2. How did your students respond to your Milken Award? What impact has it had on them?

Meghan: My students were proud of me. They would stop in and congratulate me daily. They have been most impacted by the fact that we are able to share the awesome work that goes on in our school with a broad audience.

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3. How did you end up in education?

Meghan: Even though my family has a long history in education, I fought the calling. In my plan, I was going to be a doctor. However, I quickly realized this was not my passion and my true joy came from working with children. I committed to the profession through NC Teaching Fellows and haven’t looked back since.

4. Who are your role models as an educator?

Meghan: First, my mom, who taught for more than 30 years and loved every minute. She taught me how to build relationships with students and families. Second, my ninth-grade English teacher, Mrs. Peak. She was one of the first teachers who truly pushed me to excel. While I appreciate that, what I cherish most is the love and compassion she showed me when my grandfather passed away. She taught me the power of a teacher.

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5. What memories stand out from your first year of teaching?

Meghan: My first year of teaching was awesome because I got to loop with the kids I had as a student teacher. I was able to hit the ground running and build even stronger relationships with my students and their families.

6. What are students most likely to remember about their time in your school?

Meghan: They will remember that I pushed them to do their best, made them think, and inspired them to give back to their community.

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7. What’s your biggest challenge?

Meghan: My biggest challenge is finding a balance between work and life. Because I enjoy my time with my school family, I often do not turn school mode off. Being present and doing quality work in both aspects of life is crucial.

8. How do you think you’ll use your $25,000 Award?

Meghan: Since November 2016, I have traveled the state and country presenting with a former student who has Autism Spectrum Disorder and communicates with an iPad and iPhone. Without her commitment to continue to improve and to share her story, I would not be where I am today. So our families will be taking a trip together to Walt Disney World.

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9. What would you say to a student who expresses interest in a career in education?

Meghan: First, it is tough. But more importantly, you have the chance to make an impact on someone’s life every minute you are there. You have the chance to provide consistency during tough times, to celebrate and support students both inside and outside of the classroom, and to equip them to move toward building a productive life.

10. What’s your definition of success?

Meghan: Success is directly related to where you start. For example, if a student is performing in the 20th percentile, a 40th percentile score is success, even though most would see that as failure. Success is being mindful of where you start, committing to the end goal, and making purposeful decisions on the journey.


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