Connections: Linking Talented Educators
Connections: Linking Talented Educators

A Principal's Letter to Teachers

June 29, 2023

Meghan LeFevers with teachers 4 ed

By Meghan LeFevers (NC '17)

Meghan LeFevers (NC '17), the principal of Tryon Elementary in Bessemer City, North Carolina, sent this letter of thanks and encouragement to her teachers in May 2023, as they headed into end-of-year standardized testing. 

Dear Ms. Teacher,

I could always pick out the students who would need me the most in just a few short moments. Each year, at least one of the students called me Ms. Teacher. While I had to work very hard at this, I tried to always remember they were so eager to speak to me that my name was irrelevant at the time.

As we move into the very anxious and trying time of testing season, this Ms. Teacher wanted to share a few tidbits of advice and observations.

Know that we all see you: how hard you’ve worked, the changes you’ve made, and the growth that has occurred this year.

Your success as an educator is not defined by a test score, but rather by the kids who are going to look back at their lives and see you as someone that believed in them when others did not or could not.

Teaching is hard. Teaching the right way is a fine balance between exhaustion and excitement. Strength comes in knowing when your balance is off-kilter and needs a realignment.

Each child in your class is there for a reason. They were placed in your care because you have the tools and ability to meet their needs, both known and unknown.

I have never been prouder of a group of teachers. We have navigated some turbulent waters and have learned many lessons along the way. Thank you for staying on the boat and celebrating the calm seasons.

RUN — no, not away! Run to your purpose in education. When you get there, celebrate like it’s 1999 even if it is one kid or one point!

Remember, most things worth doing are not easy. If you have been teaching one year, you have impacted at least 20 to 30 lives. Do the math: Some of you have changed families and set them on a path for success. Some of you have changed our community. Well done!

As we move into the end of the school year, I want to thank you for tolerating my spreadsheets, making me laugh, and encouraging me along the way. Thank you for making Tryon a safe place for our students, and remember some of them will have a very hard time leaving you at the end. When you are exhausted and maybe a tick frustrated, think about the students in your class who have grown, learned new skills, and sought refuge in your space. Ms. Teacher, I am proud of you!

Meghan LeFevers with teachers collage


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