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Jana Rausch lores

Jana Rausch

Hailing from a family of teachers, Jana Rausch believes that a student’s path to success starts with effective educators. She puts her beliefs into practice as vice president of communications at the Milken Family Foundation, leading a talented, innovative team in media, marketing and public affairs that reaches diverse audiences of students, educators, and education leaders and stakeholders.

Jana is honored to have been involved with the Milken Family Foundation’s groundbreaking initiatives for nearly two decades. Highlights of this work have been attending dozens of Milken Educator Award Notifications across the country; raising visibility of the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching’s advancements in making effective educators the cornerstone of student achievement, and heightening public awareness of the Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes and the Milken Scholars.

Jana fostered her passion for communications and public service as a graduate research assistant at the University of California at Santa Barbara, then as a deputy press secretary in the U.S. Senate—which took her to Washington, D.C., and to all 14 media markets in California. She graduated with dual bachelor’s degrees in English and French from the University of California at Santa Barbara.