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Dual Language Educator Susan Moreno Wins TX Milken Award

J.L. Long Middle School  |  Dallas, TX  |  Nov 14, 2019

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2019 TX Susan Moreno portrait

Susan Moreno catches her breath during a quiet moment after her Milken Educator Award surprise. In addition to working directly with students, Susan supports other secondary dual language teachers, helping them implement the program correctly and leading professional development. She mentors new teachers, writes curriculum for the district, created and chairs Long’s dual language committee, and is a strong advocate for the Teacher Excellence Initiative. 

In this series:  Susan Moreno (TX '19) In this photo:  Susan Moreno (TX '19)

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  • I really enjoy getting to view the pictures from the Milken Educator Awards ceremonies. It is especially pleasing to see the diversity of people represented. Everyone is happy for the reward recipient. It would be wonderful if all citizens of the U.S. could view these pictures.

    Sanderson M. Smith (California, 1988)

    Posted by Dr. Sanderson Smith (CA '88), 14/11/2019 4:44pm (3 years ago)

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