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Surprise, Michelle Wolfe! You're the First Milken Award Recipient of the Year

East Hardy High School  |  Baker, WV  |  Feb 16, 2022

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WV Michelle Wolfe classroom

Back in the classroom, Michelle gets right down to business. In Ms. Wolfe's English classes, teens write about their own lives and perspectives. Always looking to expand the opportunities available to students, Michelle got a master’s degree in 2021 specifically to teach a dual-credit college English course in partnership with nearby Eastern West Virginia Community and Technical College. When she took over the class, enrollment more than doubled. 

Michelle's inspiration for teaching came from her own AP Literature teacher. "He was super passionate about teaching poetry," she says. "I saw the opportunity to go to work every day and be excited about what you were doing."

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In this photo:  Michelle Wolfe (WV '21)

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