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Michelle Fouts Wins NE Milken Award

Bryant Elementary  |  Kearney, NE  |  Apr 27, 2022

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Bryant Michelle Fouts veterans

Veteran Milken Educators welcome Michelle Fouts to the family. Each state's Milken Educators form a tight-knit group that meets regularly to share best practices and collaborate on statewide issues in education.

From left, Milken Educator Awards Vice President Stephanie Bishop (VA '01); Sara Robinson (NE '12); Mark Johnson (NE '04); recipient Michelle Fouts (NE '21); Kevin Witte (NE '13); Julie Martin (NE '98); and Carolyn Escamilla (NE '00).

In this series:  Michelle Fouts (NE '21)
In this photo:  Stephanie E. Bishop (VA '01)Carolyn Escamilla (NE '00)Michelle Fouts (NE '21)Mark A. Johnson (NE '04)Julie Martin (NE '98)Sara Robinson (NE '12)Kevin Witte (NE '13)

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