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Art Teacher Michael Zaba Wins CT Award

Michael Zaba (CT '18)   |   Louis Toffolon Elementary School  |  Plainville, CT  |  Jan 23, 2019

There's reason to celebrate at Louis Toffolon Elementary. The school's STEM initiatives, including a robust makerspace, have earned Plainville Community Schools a District of Distinction Award. Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont and State Education Commissioner Dr. Dianna R. Wentzell are here for an all-school assembly ... but there's another reason for their visit, and it involves a big check for one outstanding educator. When Dr. Jane Foley, senior vice president of the Milken Educator Awards, surprises art teacher Michael Zaba with Connecticut's 2018-19 Award and $25,000, the educator's life is forever changed.

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  • Hurray for Mr. Zaba! An extraordinary teacher for sure. This is why the arts are so critical to a solid education as they are a universal language and are intertwined with all disciplines. They deserve funding! Congratulations!

    Posted by Mary Smeallie, 23/01/2019 4:37pm (4 years ago)

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