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Melissa Fike, You're a MO Milken Educator

Oakland Middle School  |  Columbia, MO  |  Jan 10, 2020

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2019 MO Melissa Fike veterans

There's nothing better than celebrating with a new Milken Educator! Veteran Milken Educators gather with Melissa Fike (MO '19) to welcome her to the family.

From left, Jordan McGaughey (MO ’17); Missouri Department of Education Commissioner Dr. Margie Vandeven; recipient Melissa Fike (MO '19); Dr. Angie Besendorfer (MO '96); Therese Shain (MO ’18); Tiffany Morris (MO ’08); and Mark Lueckenhoff (MO '96).

In this series:  Melissa Fike (MO '19)
In this photo:  Dr. Angie Besendorfer (MO '96)Melissa Fike (MO '19)Mark Lueckenhoff (MO '96)Jordan McGaughey (MO '17)Tiffany Morris (MO '08)Therese Shain (MO '18)

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