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Liz Barnum, You're a NV Milken Educator

Liz Barnum (NV '22)   |   Katherine Dunn Elementary School  |  Sparks, NV  |  Feb 07, 2023

At Katherine Dunn Elementary, a celebration of student achievement turns into the surprise of a lifetime when Lowell Milken, founder of the Milken Educator Awards, surprises third grade teacher Liz Barnum with a Nevada Milken Award and $25,000. Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo and Superintendent of Public Instruction Jhone M. Ebert join in for the teacher's big day. It's a life-changing honor she will never forget!

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  • Dunn Lowell Milken students before assembly
  • Dunn Allison Fannin
  • Dunn Susan Enfield 2
  • Dunn Jhone Ebert
  • Dunn Lowell Milken
  • Dunn students intrigued
  • Dunn Lowell Milken student
  • Dunn Lowell Milken student 2
  • Dunn Lowell Milken student 3
  • Dunn 25000
  • Dunn Liz Barnum reaction
  • Dunn Liz Barnum reaction 2
  • Dunn Liz Barnum jumping 2
  • Dunn Liz Barnum Lowell Milken
  • Dunn Joe Lombardo students
  • Dunn Liz Barnum check
  • Dunn Liz Barnum speech
  • Dunn Liz Barnum veterans
  • Dunn Liz Barnum Molly Rose Lewis
  • Dunn Liz Barnum daughter
  • Dunn Liz Barnum media
  • Dunn Liz Barnum interview 2
  • Dunn Liz Barnum calls mom
  • Dunn Liz Barnum classroom
  • Dunn Liz Barnum students check
  • Dunn Lowell Milken students math

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