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Laurie Davies wins 2014–15 Milken Award

Pine Tree Elementary School  |  Avon, IN  |  Jan 27, 2015

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Laurie Davies Glenda Ritz and Milken Vets

Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz joins the eleven veteran Indiana Milken Educators who have come to personally welcome Laurie Davies to the prestigious network.

Pictured, from left: Christopher Kates (IN '08), Janet M. Pernell (IN '05), Laurie Davies (IN '14), Rick Crosslin (IN '98), Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz, Matt Walsh (IN '03), Alicia Deanne Harris (IN '01), Keana Parquet (IN '10), Theresa Knipstein Meyer (IN '00), Candace Ewing (IN '12), Wilson Reyes (IN '11) and Richard Phillipy (IN '95).

In this series:  Laurie Davies (IN '14) In this photo:  Candace (Ewing) Nortey (IN '12)Rick Crosslin (IN '98)Alicia Deanne Harris (IN '01)Dr. Chris Kates (IN '08)Theresa Knipstein Meyer (IN '00)Keana Parquet (IN '10)Janet M. Pernell (IN '05)Richard Phillipy (IN '95)Wilson Reyes (IN '11)Matt Walsh (IN '03)

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