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Kindergarten Teacher Jessica Kavitz Wins WY Award

Jessica Kavitz (WY '22)   |   Meadowlark Elementary School  |  Buffalo, WY  |  Nov 29, 2022

Meadowlark Elementary is buzzing — Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction Brian Schroeder is here to celebrate students. But is there another reason for his visit? When Superintendent Schroeder and Greg Gallagher, senior program director for the Milken Educator Awards, surprise kindergarten teacher Jessica Kavitz with Wyoming's 2022 Milken Award and $25,000, the assembly quickly becomes an event the whole community will remember. She is the first ever Milken Educator awarded in Johnson County School District #1.

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  • To a well deserving educator. Congratulations, Jessica.

    Posted by Belle Temple, 29/11/2022 12:35pm (2 months ago)

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