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Christopher Nunez Joins NM Milken Educators in Las Cruces

Sonoma Elementary School  |  Las Cruces, NM  |  Oct 21, 2022

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Sonoma Christopher Nunez remarks

Still trying to process today's momentous announcement, Christopher Nunez addresses the students, colleagues and visitors who just witnessed his Milken Educator Award surprise. He thanks Sonoma staff, then turns to students. "I want you to remember this day and think about how education can impact so many lives," he says, noting that the very first students he taught are about to graduate from college. "I am honored to represent not only Sonoma Elementary, but Las Cruces as well. You are all part of my heart."

In this series:  Christopher Nunez (NM '22)
In this photo:  Christopher Nunez (NM '22)

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