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Bill Smithyman Wins Kansas 2015-16 Milken Educator Award

Blue Valley Northwest High School  |  Overland Park, KS  |  Oct 26, 2015

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Bill Smithyman addressing assembly

When newly minted Milken Educator Bill Smithyman finally takes the microphone to address the assembly, he thanks his students and colleagues. Just the night before, Smithyman and his father had been reminiscing about a conversation they had when Smithyman was in college. His father, who had some doubts about Smithyman's planned career, had asked if his son was sure he wanted to become a teacher. Smithyman had said yes, he was sure—a sentiment he had reaffirmed to his dad the night before the Milken Award announcement. 

In this series:  William Smithyman (KS '15) In this photo:  William Smithyman (KS '15)

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  • Cheerleaders at Blue Valley NW HS
  • Superintendents conferring at Blue Valley NW HS
  • Band at Blue Valley NW HS
  • Bill Smithyman unsuspecting at Milken Award assembly
  • Principal Amy Murphy opens assembly
  • Pledge of allegiance at Blue Valley NW HS
  • Blue Valley NW HS chamber singers
  • Blue Valley Superintendent Dr. Al Hanna
  • Deputy Commissioner Education Dale Dennis
  • Kansas Commissioner Education Dr. Randy Watson
  • Lowell Milken addresses Blue Valley NW HS
  • Lowell Milken at assembly
  • Students spell out 25K
  • Blue Valley NW HS students wait for announcement
  • Bill Smithyman in shock
  • Students thrilled for Bill Smithyman
  • Students help Bill Smithyman to his feet
  • Lowell Milken makes Bill Smithyman announcement
  • Bill Smithyman reaction stunned Milken Award
  • Bill Smithyman hugs Principal Amy Murphy
  • Bill Smithyman check shot
  • Lowell Milken congratulates Bill Smithyman
  • Bill Smithyman addresses cameras
  • Bill Smithyman addressing assembly
  • Bill Smithyman smiles after Milken Award
  • Bill Smithyman with veteran Milken Educators
  • Bill Smithyman hugs colleague
  • Lowell Milken with students in classroom

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  • Congratulations to you, Bill Smithyman! It is wonderful when an educator is recognized and honored for a job well done. The best to you as you continue to serve in such a meaningful and important manner. I am a former teacher, and my wife has retired after having devoted 29 years as a teacher of German and French. She still substitutes in the district from which she retired.

    Posted by Larry Dixon, 26/10/2015 7:04pm (7 years ago)

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